Master's Degrees and Fellowships

The training of mathematicians and physicists at the graduate and post-graduate level is an important aspect of the activities of CEMPI. The Center provides a stimulating international environment for master's and PhD students, as well as for post-doctoral researchers. Details of the application procedures for CEMPI funding are provided below.

Four master's degrees are associated to the CEMPI :

The CEMPI provides each year a number of fellowships to students enrolling in one of the following master's tracks:

  • Parcours Recherche (Master de Mathématiques)
  • High Performance Computing, Simulations (Master Mathématiques et Applications)
  • PhoCQS Photonics, Complex and Quantum Systems (Master de Physique), before SCOL (Systèmes complexes, optique et lasers).

In 2024, for the two mathematics tracks, we will give fellowships only for the second year of the Master. The fellowships are merit-based and open to students of all nationalities with an outstanding academic record.

Amount of the scolarship

The amount of the scolarship is the following:

  • Students registered in a French university at the time of application: 4 000€.
  • Students registered in a foreign university at the time of application: between 9 000 € and 10 000 € the amount takes into account of the individual situation of each applicant.

Application procedure 2024-2025

To apply for a scholarship in Master de Mathématiques or in Master de Mathématiques et Applications, the deadline is March 4, 2024, and the procedure is the following: interested candidates should fill a form at the adress Application Form where they should also upload (in separated pdf files) the following documents:

  • Firstname_Name-letter_scholarship_Cempi_2024.pdf
  • a curriculum vitae (in pdf format), using the following name template
  • a copy (in pdf format) of your academic grade records (official documents only) for the Bachelor and/or the first year of Master, using the following name template:

In addition, two or three letters of recommendation should be sent directly by your professors to
cempi-master-fellowships-reference@univ-lille.f  before the deadline of the call for applications (4th March 2024). Be Careful if you want to apply to different tracks, you should fill two forms.
On the other hand, if you need information or if you have difficulties in the procedure of application, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: cempi-master-fellowshipsuniv-lillefr

To apply for CEMPI scholarship for "Photonics, Complex and Quantum Systems" of "Master de Physique", please send the same application file before  May 15, 2024  to: cempi-phlam-coorduniv-lillefr

Deadline for application

For the scholarships in mathematics, and mathematics and applications, the deadline to apply is March 4, 2024.The candidates will be informed of the decision of the selection committee in April 2024.
For the scholarships in physics, the deadline to apply is  May 15, 2024.

Graduate programme GP-IKS

The Master programs mentioned above are part of Graduate Programms "Information and Knowledge Society" of I-SITE Université Lille Nord-Europe. In this context, merit scholarships will also be awarded. Please check the Program website regularly for further information.

Application to the Master programme

Careful : applying for a scholarship does not exempt you from applying for the relevant Master as well as on CAMPUS France if tou are concerned. You must therefore take the necessary steps to to apply for the Master. For more details on Masters applications, please go directly to the respective sites mentioned above.