Visiting Scholars 2013

CEMPI welcomes each year a number of scholars to contribute to the scientific activities of the CEMPI through their participation in the conferences, workshops and seminars, and the development of common research with the CEMPI permanent researchers.

  • Marco Merkli, Memorial University of Newfoundland, visit in February.

  • Yves Felix, Université Catholique de Louvain, visit in April.

  • Maria Pe Pereira, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, visit in May and June.

  • Felipe Ramirez, University of York, visit in June.

  • Ana Maria Vargas Rey, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, visit in June.

  • Andrei Jorza, University of Notre Dame, visit in July.

  • François Genoud, University of Vienna, visit in September.

  • Fabricio Macia, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, visit in October.

  • Carlos Mejia-Monasterio, University Helsinki, visit in November.

  • Kohji Matsumoto, University of Nagoya, visit in December.